Keeping ourdistance counts.That’s why wekept it local.

COVID-19 hit everyone by surprise.

Especially hit were our local communities, families, and small businesses.

That’s why we were at the lead by providing financial relief.

To help all of us endure economic setbacks together.

in PPP Funds.
*This figure is accurate as of 7/10/2020
local businesses.
  • 90-day loan and mortgage payment deferment.
  • Loan modification grace periods.
  • 90-day waivers on most fees.
  • Safeguarded credit scores.
  • Postponed or suspended foreclosures.
Thank you to all who provide essential services. And yes, that includes all of our bank employees!

As an existing Adirondack Bank Commercial Client you already know of the many services we provide local businesses, small, medium, and large.

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